Souvenir Jewelry Programs


You may wish to consider our private labeling program. Custom labeling enables guests to bring home an easy souvenir for another who couldn't make the visit. By capitalizing on your shop's theme; name, or exhibit you may further boost your sales. 
We will be happy to assist you in developing cards and tags that augment your presentation and boost your sales.
Private labeling helps to:
1. Capitalize on your current exhibit
2. Set your product mix apart from others
3. Upgrade and personalize your presentation
4. Souvenir your fashion / trend jewelry, unique to your shop
Phillips International is an industry leader in comprehensive jewelry programs Since 1976, Our hands-on experience in national parks, zoos, aquariums, museums, theme parks and attractions has produced strong results while keeping it simple. We customize your product assortment to your specific demographics and shops and avoid repetitious presentations to pique your guests' interest.
Our service programs Include:
  • Custom tags with your logo, desired image, current exhibit or marketing theme
  • Free* Display Fixtures (*offset by jewelry at retail)
  • Items ticketed with bar codes tor your POP System (your retails and SKU's)
  • Guaranteed sales and sell through;
  • Product mix designed around your guest demographics and your goals
  • Ability to capitalize on popular trends without risk;
  • Professional, reliable and trustworthy team, who get the job done
If you're looking to simplify your jewelry buying while maximizing your sales: please call us today and discover now you may benefit from Our comprehensive program.


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