Wholesale Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces

4129-TT-NK Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces

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Great White Shark Tooth Necklace

These Wholesale Great White Shark Tooth Necklaces come pre-packed on assorted earth-tone colored cords. Each replica great white tooth is wrapped with stainless steel wire, and measures approximately 1.5" - 2" in height.   The brown earth toned necklaces are 20" in length, and a popular length for all ages.   A great addition to any beach jewelry programs, make sure you stock up on  variety of wholesale shark tooth necklaces today.  Each necklace can be carded with stock tags, and pre-ticketed with your UPC and retails at no additional charge.  Note - these are replica shark teeth, and no modern day sharks are harmed to create these necklaces.  Wholesale Only, all jewelry is prepackaged in dozens.