Cool Jewels Closeout Costume Jewelry

Closeout Costume Jewelry

Looking to buy closeout costume jewelry? Wholesale fashion jewelry by Cool Jewels ® has overruns and odd lots of closeout costume jewelry at low distributor prices, to help earn you big profit margins, and huge returns. Browse through our “limited time offers”, and find unheard of bargains on a variety of bracelets, anklets, necklaces, chokers and earrings. Make sure to check back often, as new styles of closeout costume jewelry are added weekly, to make room for next seasons styles.

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Buy Wholesale Closeouts

Finding the best place to buy wholesale closeouts can be both challenging and time consuming. Not to mention, the risk of buying wholesale closeouts from an un-reputable company who is either misleading or cannot deliver the merchandise. With over 33 years in the costume jewelry business, Cool Jewels ® by Phillips International has been supplying the U.S. market with the latest styles in fashion jewelry. As new jewelry arrives each season, the current seasons jewelry must be sold at closeout prices, to make room for the new. We hope you’ll enjoy quick and easy sales on our closeout merchandise, and visit to buy wholesale closeouts over and over again.

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Closeout Merchandise

Locating and buying the right closeout merchandise for your dollar store is crucial to assure you’re offering your customer the best deals on closeout merchandise you can move quickly and profitably. Don’t just purchase from any costume jewelry distributor you find. Cool Jewels ® only sells first run merchandise. Merchandise we’re looking to closeout to make room for next season’s styles. These are not returns or shop worn goods, only new necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other fashion and costume jewelry, sold in bulk and closeout merchandise lots to you.

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Dollar Store Closeouts

Over the past seven years, Dollar Stores have mushroomed in the United States. Owners and buyers at these discount stores now have to search harder than ever to buy Dollar Store Closeouts. With a business model that’s built on low margins and high volume, dollar store closeouts must be both desirable and purchased at the right price. We hope that you’ll find to offer closeout costume jewelry that fits both these categories, as we’re looking to earn your long term and repeat business. So, when you’re looking for dollar store closeouts, make sure you visit us, each and every time, as new closeout merchandise is added weekly.

Jewelry Liquidation

For those who can identify a great buy, there is tremendous opportunity to be had in jewelry liquidation purchases. Shop online through hundreds of great buys of closeout costume jewelry. Our overbuys, become your money making opportunities. Check back often for the new additions to our jewelry liquidation selections.

Closeout Jewelry

Closeout Jewelry is the most profitable merchandise when it comes to profit margins. The key is finding the most desirable styles to make you money. Phillips International offers the widest and fastest selling styles of closeout costume jewelry.